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Sometimes, when we need leave from our office we need to write a medical leave or sick leave application. But find it difficult on How to write a sick leave application for office. So if you are also one of them who are facing this difficulty then this letter is for You

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Letter to Office Manager for sick/Medical leave Application

The Manager,
Place the name of your organization,
Name of the place and PIN code
(in case there are multiple offices of the same company in the same place).

Subject: Sick Leave Application Request

Dear Sir/Mam,

I have already taken sick leave for a week but then I am still not feeling well.

In this scenario, I am not entirely sure what I should do. My doctor suggests complete bed rest and has issued a medical certificate for the same. I am attaching it herewith for your kind consideration.

I also must tell you, that while taking a walk one day outside my home, I fell and ruptured the wrist on my left hand.

It is a very difficult phase for me and I am trying my best to come to terms with the situation. My doctor believes, that I fell due to my weak health. He is attributing it to my underlying condition, which is healing at a snail’s pace for me.

In such a scenario, I can neither work from home, nor can I come back to the office. It would only be three months before I plan a return. The diagnostic reports are also being attached herewith. Since I cannot take your call, you’ll have to let me your opinion over an email.

I also wanted to inform you that I have completed the two pending tasks from my end and have sent them for approval. I don’t think there are errors in them. Requesting you to follow up on them with the clients. If there are errors of any sort or if there are any special requests from the client’s end, you might have to take it with someone else in the office. I apologize deeply for the inconvenience that I have caused you but then the sudden illness was not in my hands.

Even the fracture in my right arm came in as a fresh surprise for me.

I would appreciate it if you could clear my bills and move my sheet for unpaid leaves. I am struggling right now to make my ends meet thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and my ill health.

If you have any queries, you can reach out to me on my email. My mother is currently keeping a track of my mailbox and she gets back to it every alternate day once. Thus, I might not be able to reply to you immediately.

I hope my blood reports, my X-rays and the medical certificate are enough for now. I can submit any other requirement as soon as I re-join the office shortly.

Hoping to have some rest during this period.

Thank you
Sincerely yours,
Name of the applicant.


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