How to Apply for SoFi Credit card Application [Pre-approval]

SoFi credit card is great for those who wish to invest, save or pay a loan. To earn rewards with SoFi, you need to spend a lot of money. Earning rewards is not possible if you pay your fees, transfer balances, or cash advance using your credit card. Even paying your traveler’s checks will not incur any rewards for the SoFi credit card.

The convenience of the SoFi credit card is the best attraction of the credit card. Every dollar spent will incur 2 eligible points and each point is valued at half a cent. SoFi credit card also offers cell phone protection and also provides a lot of other details. SoFi dedicates to working for its members and providing financial protection and assistance.

Different fees and offers on their credit card are what matter when you seriously consider acquiring it.

Here are some essential fees that will impact your decision to take a credit card.

Credit card featuresSoFi credit card
Annual Fees$0
Credit LimitA minimum of $1000
Purchase APR13.24% to 25.24%
Balance Transfer APR13.24% to 25.24%
Minimum Required Credit Score690-850
Security DepositNA

SoFi credit card Pre-Approval

SoFi has a pre-approval that it extends via mail and e-mails. It also extends it to the current customers and pushes it to their online accounts. If you want, you cannot use any tool to check the pre-approval status. Additionally, the offer SoFi makes to its customers is just about a single credit card as opposed to other online platforms that send your way multiple credit cards.

How to Apply for SoFi Credit card Application?

To apply for the SoFi credit card application, you must follow these essential steps.

SoFi credit card application
  • Before you go ahead, you will need to make an account with them. For that, you have to register an account and once you have an account, go in and start filling up the application form.
SoFi credit card online
  • Personal, financial, and your current occupational details need to go into the form. You might also need to add your identifiers for them to refer to your information.
  • After you have filled in all columns, you will need to submit the form.

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What are Application Requirements?

Its application requirements include the following;

  1. A social security number is essential for the application.
  2. You must have a good credit score for the application process.
  3. For being eligible, you must be a permanent resident of the US or must be a citizen of any of the States.

Who is Eligible?

The eligibility for a credit card depends on the following;

  1. You would need a physical address to go ahead with the application.
  2. To apply, you will need a proper job and financial stability as required by the credit card.

SoFi Credit Card Benefits

With this card, you will get a lot of benefits and they include;

  1. A 3% cashback is what a direct deposit account with Sofi will earn.
  2. If you make 12 payments on time, your APR will be lowered by 1%.
  3. The credit card has a 0% annual fee and it also has no foreign transaction fee with it.
  4. It also offers a MasterCard ID theft protection.
  5. You can earn $100 if you fund an investment account alongwith a checking or Savings account with it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the SoFi credit card hard to get?

They require a high credit score and that is something hard to get often.

Is the SoFi credit card worth it?

Yes, it is worth it for those who love having credit card benefits.

How does SoFi credit card work?

It works like a normal credit card and being a MasterCard, you can use it anywhere.


The SoFi credit card is one of the best credit cards in the market but requires a high credit score which stands as a limiting factor for it. Read this article to understand your credit card more before proceeding further.


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