How to do Speedway credit card login & Pay Bill Payment Online?


Speedway helps you with your gas refill and if you are regularly using their services, you can also avail of their credit cards. If you have not applied for a credit card, you can go ahead and apply for one. But to use their credit card offers, pay bills, check bill statements, and also for meeting other purposes, you need to create an account on their site.

Registering an account would enable easy access to your Speedway balance anywhere on the go. Each time there is a need; you must log in to your account and get done with your stuff.

How to do Speedway credit card login?

Without logging into your account, there is nothing much that you can do.

Step 1: You must click on the link given here to log in to your Speedway credit card account.

Step 2: Add your username and password in the given space to complete your credit account login requirements. Press the login tab once you have filled in the details.

login details

Step 3: You can also log in using the given link to reach the Speedway account login page.

Step 4: If you do not have an account with them, click on the Sign-Up link and make an account that you can use.

A few essential details that you must know before going for an account includes the following;

DetailsAbout the credit card
Cash Advance APR25.24%
Cash Advance Fee5% (minimum $15)
Balance Transfer APR21.74%-27.74%
Purchase APR21.74%-27.74%
Annual Fee$0
Credit card earning rate4% cash back at the rate of 50 points for every dollar spent
Credit Score for the credit card700
Maximum Late Fee$40
Grace Period for the credit card21 days
Foreign Transaction Fee3%

How to pay Speedway credit card bill payment?

To send them the Speedway credit card bill, you can go online and pay it from your account.

You can also pay the bill by calling them up or mailing them the credit card bill amount.

To pay the bill online, you can use the given steps.

  1. Login to your account and go to the Payment methods.
  2. From the payment methods visit the Pay Bill segment.
  3. Once you have opened this segment, you need to add the bill amount in the given space and also add the credit card number or current account details in the payment method segment. For your current account, add the account number and the routing number. If you wish to add the credit card details, you can add the credit card account number, name on the credit card, CVV, expiration date of the credit card.
  4. Press the Pay Bill option to complete paying the bill.

How to check Speedway credit card status?

If you have made an online application, you can check its status here online. To do so, you must go to the given link and fill in the required application details.

  1. ZIP code
  2. End four digits of your SSN
  3. Home Phone number

Click on the Submit tab to retrieve the application status.

payment process

How to cancel Speedway credit card?

If you have a Speedway credit card with Speedy Rewards mail or/ and with Speedway Café, you can cancel it by calling 1-800-643-1948.

Customer service number?

Their customer service number is 1-800-643-1948 or 866-836-6841 where you can call to cancel the Speedway credit card or for your queries and doubts.

What is the Payment Mailing address?

The payment mailing address for the Speedway credit card is Speedway MasterCard Payments, P.O. Box 2557. Omaha, NE 68103-2557. You can even reach them through Fax by calling them at (937)864-3091.

What is the Payment Phone number?

Call them up at 888-295-5540 for making any of the MasterCard payments. If you need to make a payment, you will either have to follow their IVRS messaging system or talk to a live person to make the payments. In either case, keep your credit card number handy.


Here is what you must know if you plan to apply for the Speedway credit card. Their login details must be known and also their payment methods and processes. If you have a credit card from them, you can read about the details here.


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