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What is application?

The special COVID-19 social relief of distress grant is a presidential aid declared to mitigate the National State of Disaster.

An R350 grant is being given to individuals who have been badly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant is meant to be given for a total span of 6 months. It is aimed at those who have lost all sources of income, UIF payments, and social grants.

It is confirmed by the regulations made as per Section 27 (2) of the Disaster Management Act (Act number 57 of 2002 which puts down the measures required to prevent and combat the COVID-19 spread, as amended.

srd grant application status banking details

Those who qualify for the grant would have to provide their banking details to the government to enable the transfer of funds each month. Even if you wish to change your banking details, you can do so by altering your records from your portal. All you need to do is log in to the system.

How to application form pdf download?

The application pdf can be downloaded in the following way;

  • Go here to the given link.
  • On the upper right-hand side above the application, you will see four symbols, click on the download icon.
  • Wait until the download is complete.
  • If you wish to apply online, you could use this link.

How to SRD grant application status check?

To check your application status check click on the given link. application for reconsideration

If at any point, your application was declined, and you were still having no job, you could get reconsidered. The reconsideration option is open for everyone whose applications have been rejected for some of the other reasons by the office. In such cases, you need to click on the given link. Fill up your South African applicant ID number and the phone number you used to apply.

Once you have filed in both, you then need to click on the send PIN option.

Enter the PIN sent to your phone number and then wait for the application process for reconsideration to spin over.


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