How to do Staples Credit Card Login & Pay Bill Payment Online?


The Staples credit card gets approved after it is applied for. Usually, the credit card is issued to those who can show a good credit score and an impeccable credit history with a steady income, and also decreased credit utilization process. You must not have applied for too much credit in the past. You have a lot of opportunities with the credit card like you can earn 5% cashback for a reward and can opt for a free next day delivery with least or minimum purchasing done with your credit card.

Rewards are given off monthly on an online level and are issued in an increment of $5. Annually the credit card offers an annual $25 off for all print and marketing services and $20 off for all tech and diagnostic services (applicable only for products bought in stores).

The application process is online and easy for being carried out. If you plan to know more about the login process you can start by activating the Staples credit card.

How to activate Staples credit card?

To activate the Staples credit card, you can either go online or follow the activation process via phone.

Online activation of Staples credit card

  • Activators need to visit the following website to start the activation process.
  • Add your first name, last name, and also order number before clicking on the Continue tab.
activating the Staples credit card
  • Next, add your login credentials which include your username and password.
  • Press the Continue option and further, share the information that they require.
  • The first and last name must match the information supplied at the time of order placement. Once you complete the task, you will be notified about your Staples gift card activation.

You can also use the 1-877-426-2551 number to complete the application process.

  • Provide your first and last name and also the user’s complete address to start activating the Staples gift card.
  • You must also share your card number and type alongwith the card code while calling a live representative or the IVRS messaging system.
  • Once you follow the tasks and complete the credit card activation process, you will receive a notification for activation.

How to do Staples credit card login?

The Staples credit card login process involves using a username and password. Click on the login tab to complete the login process.

Staples credit card activation

If you are already not registered with the site, you might have to do that first.

Add your first name, last name, email, and also your password before clicking on the Create Account tab.

Staples credit card login

 How to pay Staples credit card bill payment?

To pay the Staples credit card bill, you will have to log in to your Staples online credit card account.

  1. Press the Payment tab and get to the Billing Payment option.
  2. Add the bill amount and then add the credit card details or your current account details.
  3. For your current account details, add your current account number and also your routing number.
  4. If you want to add your credit card details, add your credit card number, name, expiry date, and CVV number.
  5. After that press the Pay tab to complete the online payment process.

You can also use the mailing address or the phone number to pay your credit card bills.

How to cancel Staples credit card?

You cannot simply close your credit card with them but you can call them up at 866-426-3831 to request them to close your credit card account.

Customer Service Number?

The customer service number is 1-800-333-3330 for credit cards.

What is Staples credit card mailing address?

To make the Staples credit card payment through their mailing address, you must mail your check and bill to the following address: Staples credit card payments, P.O Box 78014, Phoenix, AZ- 85062-8014.

Business accounts must send their payments to Staples Business More account, PO Box 78004, Phoenix, AZ- 85062-8004.

What is Staples credit card payment phone number?

For credit card payments, you must call 800-733-2713. For Business accounts, account holders must call 1-800-282-5316.


Here’s a bit about the Staples credit card and if you want to know more about it, read this blog here to understand better about the payment methods and the login process.


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