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Activate Tangerine credit card by logging into your account. But, for that you need an online account for the Tangerine credit card login process. Once you are into your account, you will be able to check a whole lot of things from there apart from just activating the credit card .

People usually find it difficult to retrieve their bills, credit card statements, and most complain about forgetting their credit card payments as they forget to walk to the stores or call them up on the due date. But if you have an online account, you can be anywhere and all you have to do is just go online and complete a short process to clear the payment.

With Tangerine World MasterCard, you get a pile of benefits and so is it with the Tangerine money back credit card. Even though applications can be made from the store as well as online, you will still need an online account to carry out your daily transactions to prevent missing the deadlines.

In the below segments, we will tell you how you can pay your credit card bill and also the way to activate your account as well as the credit card login process for Tangerine cards.

Tangerine credit card

How to activate a Tangerine credit card?

Activating the Tangerine credit card requires one to fulfill a few steps.

  • Whether using a desktop or mobile login to it.
  • Click on the Spending tab.
  • Choose the credit card type that is assigned to you- money back or MasterCard.
  • For those using desktops, you can hit the activate tab directly.
  • All those who are on mobile, need to first click on More Actions and then need to hit the Activate tab from there.
  • After clicking the Activate tab, click on the space provided and then add the CVC (the 3-digits at the back of the credit card).
  • Choose your PIN and then press on the Activate tab from both your mobile and desktop.

How to do Tangerine credit card login?

You will have to know how to login to your credit card account to check the details.

Press on the tagged link and choose your account type from the personal and business type available.

  • If you choose a personal account, you can start by adding your login ID.
Tangerine credit card login
  • Add your four or six digit PIN in the space that you reach after clicking on the Next tab.
four-six digit PIN
  • After adding your PIN you will be taken to the next page where you need to enter information as per the prompt to login to your account.

For a Business account, press on the Business tab instead of the Personal tab.

  • The first information they ask to add is the Business client number.
Tangerine Credit card bill payment
  • Next, follow the required prompts to commence your login process for your account.

How to pay Tangerine Credit card bill payment?

Paying bills for the Tangerine credit card is easiest online. If you want to pay your credit card bills online, you can login to your credit card online account.

  • Move to the Payment segment and then choose the Pay bill option.
  • Add your bill amount and also the current account details.
  • You can also include your credit card details if you do not have a current account.
  • Once you have filled in all the information as per the prompts, click on the Pay Bill tab to complete the bill payment process.

You can subsequently pay the bill either by mailing them or calling them.

Interest Rate & Late Fees?

Interest on purchases and cash advances is 19.95% for the Tangerine credit cards.

The minimum fee deposit every month will save you from paying the late fee. The minimum fee is $10 and must be paid to avoid the variable late fee.

People who open an account will receive a balance transfer promotion of 1.95% for six months. If you complete the balance transfer in 30 days from the date of opening your account, the balance transferred will accrue interest at the rate of 1.95%. Post-six months of the promotional period, it will move to the 19.95% rate.

How to cancel?

Find all ways to contact the Tangerine credit card from this link.

Tangerine does not mention any specific way to contact them for the cancellation of the credit card.  Thus, you can choose any of the mentioned ways to make contact with them as provided in the link. Make sure you used up all the points and the amount in your credit card account before you call them up for cancellation of your credit card.

What is Tangerine credit card payment mailing address?

You have a lot of ways to connect but fewer ways to make payments. If you want to send them a credit card payment via mail, you can do so by using the following address: Tangerine 3389 Steeles Avenue, East Toronto, Ontario, M2H 0A1.

Ideally, you can use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay to make payments.

What is Tangerine credit card payment phone number?

For Tangerine credit card services, you can use their pay phone number 1-888-826-4374 to make the payments. If you want to make the payments, you need to call them up and follow the prompts. If you have difficulty following their directions, you can call their desired extension to speak to the call center representative. For making the payments through a live person, you will need to pay a fee towards it.

Keep your credit card information and your account details close to ensure you can provide them as and when prompted.


If you want to take their credit card, you must do so but you must have a fully functional online account. To open an online payment, to know the activation and cancellation of the credit card, you can read this article here.


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