How to apply for Target Credit Card Application? Requirements?

What is Target Credit Card application?

If you shop frequently with Target, a Target credit card might come in handy as it will allow 5% discount on all purchases made from the stores.

The credit card functions as any normal card and can be used easily in retail and online stores of Target. There is no annual fee charged by Target for possessing the card. You have additional 30-days to return and exchange any product you might have purchased from the Target stores if and when using this card. But, the card has an interest rate or annual percentage rate of over 20%.

If you have a card you might end up spending your entire amount stored in the card towards the interest rate thereby losing a significant amount of money.

How to apply for Target Credit Card Application?

Target Credit Card

To apply for the credit card, here’s what you must do.

  1. Obtain and keep your social security number, state or military ID, driver’s license, and your total annual income with you before beginning the application process.
  2. From the Target Official site, browse to the Target credit card application.
  3. Add your personal, financial, and other significant details to complete and submit the application form.
  4. Tap the Submit button to complete the application form once all the fields are filled.

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What are applications Requirements?

You will need the gross annual income details, your state or military ID, driver’s license, and social security number to complete the application process.


Few eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled by the user include;

  1. Users must at least be 18 years old.
  2. The minimum required credit score of 640 is essential.
  3. The individual must be a US citizen with a valid social security number.
  4. A checking account must at least be there in the name of the user in any US bank.

Card Fees

You do not need to pay an annual fee for possessing the Target card. The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is 25.15% that is variable, and the late re-payment fee is $28-$39.

How to check Target Credit card application Status?

To check the credit card application status call 1-800-424-6888. You will need to tell your account number multiple times and then just press 0 to get to a live customer service representative.

Card Benefits

Different benefits of the credit card include,

  1. The card benefits include a 5% discount on all Target in-store and online purchases.
  2. No annual fee for acquiring the credit card.
  3. Free two-day shipping facilities come with a credit card.
  4. An additional 30-day returns policy for those possessing the credit card.


Here’s a bit about the Target credit card, and if you wish to have one, go through these points very carefully.


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