How to Apply for Tesco Clubcard Application Online? Requirements?

Want to earn more rewards while shopping for your favorite products? Tesco Clubcard gives you that opportunity. Apply for this fabulous card to get some unbelievable surprises. 

What is the Tesco Clubcard application?

  • Tesco Clubcard application gives you chances to earn considerable rewards for shopping using the Clubcard.
  • Whenever you conduct shopping at Tesco or any of its partners, you earn points from Clubcard.
  • You can convert these points into attractive cash vouchers during the subsequent shopping experiences. Every week, the card will also give you promising rewards and additional coupons.
tesco clubcard application

How to Apply for Tesco Clubcard online?

  • Open an account on the website of Tesco Clubcard
  • To register, you must be 18 years or more
  • You must reside in the UK
  • With the help of the Tesco Clubcard app, you can start collecting the points and win various vouchers
  • You can also go for the Contactless card of Tesco or the Tesco Clubcard key fob

What are Tesco Clubcard Application Requirements?

  • Anyone interested to do shopping in the UK can have a Tesco Clubcard
  • The only requirement for the Tesco Clubcard application is registering for shopping on
  • Please fill up all boxes having the red asterisk marks
  • Go for the My Clubcard account and fill in the details
  • Apply after verifying the information

Who is Eligible?

  • Any person whose age is 18 years or above will be eligible to apply for the Tesco Clubcard.

How to get Tesco Clubcard application form?

  • You can get the Tesco Clubcard application form online through the web portal of
  • Physical possession of a card is also possible by asking for the same at Tesco’s Customer’s Service Desk. 
  • After filling and submitting the application form, the applicant will receive the card finally within two days by mail. 

Is Tesco Clubcard free?

  • Tesco Clubcard is a fantastic card giving away rewards to the members
  • Download the app for free on Android or iOS mobile phones
  • You can also sign up on the respective website without any cost
  • Thus, signing up becomes worthy when you get so many exclusive deals without investing a single penny.

How long does the Tesco Clubcard application take?

  • To use the Tesco Clubcard, you need to register first
  • There must be a minimum time gap of 24 hours between the registration and the application for the card.
  • However, points will be available in this period also
  • After completing the application, you will receive a unique number on your email for the Clubcard
  • On your next visit to the store, you can show this number to the executives
  • They will add the necessary points to your card after every shopping

Thus, the shopping experience becomes so simpler and enjoyable with the Tesco Clubcard.


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