How to apply for Think money credit card Online


Think money credit card promises no credit checks, jargon, or even unexpected fees for those who want to take it. Almost everybody is accepted, but there is a process of pre-approval that you must qualify to get an invitation from the bank. There are no unexpected charges on your credit card, and there is no complicated fee structure for owing it.

Not only will your account get instant updates from the bank, but your credit card can also be locked and unlocked on your app directly. Logging in is supported by face and fingerprint technology.

With so many offers from them, the credit card can work in all possible ways to make your life easy.

If you are struggling to apply for a credit card, you must read more of this blog article to know what and why of the different processes involved.

Annual Fee0
Credit Limit£200 to £1,500
Purchase APR39.94%
Balance Transfer APR39.94%
Minimum credit score requiredNot applicable since the credit card is for the United Kingdom
Security depositNo

How to apply for Think money credit card?

To apply for the Think Money credit card, you must go through the pre-approval stage.

The pre-approval stage of the Think Money credit card includes adding the following points.

Think Money credit card apply
credit card requirements
credit card eligibility
Think Money credit card login

Keep adding the information as per the prompts that come up. Include your contact details, address, and income details to complete the pre-approval online form.

Once you are pre-approved, you will get an invitation link in your mail.

Click on the link to fill out a form and once done, you will be able to receive a credit card from them.

Think Money Credit Card Requirements

To have a credit card, here are some of the requirements one must meet.

  • You must be 18 or more and must be a major in the United Kingdom.
  • You should have some experience in handling credit cards in the UK.
  • A stable job with a stable income source is essential to get a credit card.


The advantages of taking a credit card include;

  • Even if you have poor ratings, you can apply for a credit card.
  • People can apply for a credit card even if they have the county court judgment for debts.
  • You get a credit limit of 200 pounds to 1500 pounds.
  • Within 60 seconds of sending the application, you will find a response.
  • You will receive free text alerts and also can enjoy having an online account to monitor your expenditure if you take a credit card.


  • You will need to bear a high APR for your credit cards.
  • If you do not have any prior credit experience, this credit card is not for you.
  • A lower credit limit of 200 pounds might not fit your pocket on numerous occasions.

Who owns Think money credit card?

The Think Money is owned by Think Money Holdings Limited and the credit card is lent by Capital One (Europe).

Is Think money credit card good?

Since you can use the credit card anywhere and everywhere and also as the credit card gets reported to all the three credit bureaus, you can go for the credit card.


Here’s a bit about the Think Money credit card’s login, payment, and other processes. The Think Money credit card offers a lot of rewards, discounts, and offers. If you want to take a credit card, you will benefit from it but know the details about the credit card from here.


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