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Hey guys, here I m going to tell u everything about the book “too much and never enough: How my family created the world’s, dangerous man”.

First of all, this book is written by Donald trump’s own niece, Mary trump who is a clinical psychologist.

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too much and nevery enough mary trump pdf

In this book, Mary reveals how her childhood memories become the most tragic memories of her life. she suffers a lot during her childhood perhaps she was neglected and abused by the trumps family during her childhood she doesn’t get that love and care which Donald’s son got this makes her fall into the traumas but she rises from this and now she is a psychologist and treats schizophrenia patient.

she shares her life tragic incident in this book. Mary reveals in this book how Donald and Fred sr contribute to his father’s death by alcoholism.she reveals the secret of Donald’s family that Donalds pays his friend namely joe Shapiro for giving SAT( Scholastic aptitude test) for him.

In this book, she explains the biased behavior of trump and his sons towards. well, she is a fighter who deals with all these situations and stand up on her own. well, this book was asking for not published by the Trump family because of confidential tax but the supreme court of New York refused their proposal. This book will be published soon on 16 July and the publisher of this book is Simon and Schuster.

Too Much and Never Enough Mary Trump PDF-Download


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