How to do Toys “R” Us credit card login & Pay Bill Payment [2022]?


With the Toys “R”Us credit card, you can receive specific financing options on all qualifying orders which means you need to pay them back within the stipulated period. If you do not make your payments, you will need to pay interest as they work on deferred interest.

Apart from the fact that the credit card provides a high APR and is a closed-loop card, one gets interesting rewards and offers with the credit card. Isn’t it interesting, if you open your credit card account on a Saturday or Sunday, you will receive 25% off on your credit cards? Similarly, if you get your credit card on any day from Monday to Friday, you can enjoy 15% off on all purchases made on the day.

If you want to avail yourself of the benefits both online and offline, you can open an online account with them.

How to do Toys “R”Us credit card login?

If you want to login to the credit card account, add your username and password, and then click on the Login tab to enter your account.

Toys “R”Us credit card login

If you are a new customer, you will have to register an account in your name.

To do the account registration, use the link to reach the site. Once there, add your account number and mobile number in the given space.

credit card payment

How to pay Toys “R”Us credit card bill payment?

Login to the Synchrony bank site of Toys “R”Us credit card. Once you have logged in, you must perform the below steps to complete paying your credit card bill.

  1. Go to the Payment method segment.
  2. Move to the Pay Bill section.
  3. Add your bill amount and other details.
  4. Include your current account number and also the routing number.
  5. Next, click on the Pay Bill option to complete the bill payment.

Interest rate & Late fees?

The interest rate is calculated based on 26.99% APR.

The maximum late fee for non-payment of a previously due amount is $38.

Customer service phone number

If you have the MasterCard from them, you need to call up 1-855-389-2359. If you need to call regarding any of the store credit cards you can call them at 1-855-389-2365.

Where to pay toys r us credit card?

For making credit card payments, you can use any of the three payment modes available with them.

  1. Online account: Paying through the online account means you must have an account with them.
  2. Service phone number: You can pay them by making a phone call to their IVRS payment process. Keep your credit card or current account information handy and also keep your account details close. Whenever you are prompted to enter the credit card details, you can do so to make the payment. Follow the IVRS voice messaging prompts. You can also speak to a customer service representative and make your payments with their help.
  3. Pay by mailing them the amount: You can mail them the amount by sending your credit card bill with the amount.

What is the payment mailing address & Payment phone number?

The credit card payment phone number is 1-855-389-2365 and the mailing address for making the R Us MasterCard payment is Mailbox 530939, Atlanta, GA 30353.


If you are regularly shopping for your kids from them, you can use their credit card services. They have an online shopping center where you can find stuff for different age ranges and also in different categories. The credit card benefit is available on variety of products and you can also use the credit card offline even when you shop internationally from their stores. To know more about the payment methods and details alongwith the login details and process, you can read this blog.


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