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What is the UL online application 2022?

The University of Limpopo has begun from the first of March and would be open until the 30th of November 2021. One can apply UL online application form for the 2022 academic year. UL would entertain applications from first-timers, those who’re moving towards a new application or specialization; applicants who were not previously offered a space and now are eligible for application again, students going for a higher certificate course, or so on.

apply to UL online application online

How do I apply for UL for 2022?

To apply to UL Online Application 2022 undergraduate you need to mandatorily cover three proper steps.

  • – Download the application form from the website.
  • – An application fee of R250 is applicable for South African citizens and international students need to pay R380 per application.
  • – Once the application is initiated and submitted one will have to wait for 4 weeks before checking back.

UL Online Application 2022 Requirements?

 The application process has several documentation requirements like every other University in the world. To apply to the University of Limpopo, you must be fulfilling all the documentation requirements.

  • If you’re a South African candidate, you must produce a copy of it.
  • If you’re an international student, you’ll you must provide a passport.
  • In case you’re below 18 years of age, you must provide your guardian’s or parents’ ID details.
  • A stamped Grade 11 school results if you’re currently a student of grade 12.
  • Your academic record if you’re from some other school of higher learning.
  • USAF accreditation from the South African Board of examination.
  • If you are looking out for conditional exemptions, foreign conditional exemptions, or mature age conditional exemptions, then you will have to log in to
  • For international students, you must additionally provide South African medical aid cover and English proficiency results.
  • Course certificates like the National certificate, matriculation certificate, and the admission point score (APS) system or anything relevant.
  • Faculty Letter of Acceptance
  • Bank deposit slip or Bursary proof of payment documents.

How do I register online with UL?

To register on online application 2022, you will have to follow the below process.

  • First, move to the UL registration page by first visiting their website and from there click on the online facilities from the end section of the website.
  • If you’re a registered user, you will have to enter your student number and PIN. 
  • Once you click on the login option, and then click on it to allow web registration.
  • It will take you to the page which will show you the required terms and conditions. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions by clicking on the Accept button, you will be taken to the next page which will intimate you that your acceptance is logged.
  • Submit the registration process and then follow the sections and keep filling up the required necessary blanks with appropriate information.
  • Next, you will also have to fill up the proof of residence registration.

How do I check my UL status?

  • For checking the status of your application, log in to
  • Enter the ID number and the password.
  • After signing in, you can click on the check status option to check your application status.


Is online application free at UL?

No, you have to pay a fee of R250 for South African students and R380 for the international students applying for the University of Limpopo.

UL Online Application 2022 Opening Date/Closing date?

The UL Online Application 2022 Undergraduate is open from March of 2021 and would be open until the 30th of November, 2021.

Is UL open for 2021 applications?

UL is open for the 2022 application. However, one can check with the University if any date extensions are given since 2021 was an erratic year for the entire world.


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