How to apply for Victoria Secret Credit Card Application? Complete Guide

What is Victoria secret credit card?

Victoria Secret credit card application is put at its online and physical stores apart from some other stores included in their directory. For every dollar you will spend, you can earn a point. As it is with regular cards, Victoria’s store cards work perfectly for those who regularly shop with Victoria. The card promises different kinds of rewards- basic, silver, and gold category rewards can be found with Victoria’s Secret card.

How to apply for Victoria Secret Credit Card Application?

You can either apply through a local physical store or online for making a Victoria secret credit card application.

  1. The very first thing one must do is click the link given here.
  2. If you have an account, you can sign in to it or if you do not have one, you must register yourself.
  3. Add your first name, address of stay, choose a password and select a location.
  4. Once done, click on the submit tab.
Victoria Secret Credit Card Application
  • Fill in the relevant fields of the application form.
Victoria Secret Credit Card
Victoria Secret Credit
Apply here

What is application Requirements?

There are some simple documental requirements for owning a Victoria Service card.

  1. A social security number is a must for those who own the card.
  2. A national photo identity card is also necessary
  3. Your annual gross and net income must be kept handy.


The Victoria secret service card has no specific eligibility criteria, however, check the ones given below.

  • Candidates must be 18 years of age and above.
  • They must have a proper US mailing address.
  • The credit report of a user gets verified by the bank.

Annual fees?

The card incurs no annual fee for the cardholder.

Credit card Limit?

The credit card limit depends on an individual’s own credit card history. Thus, having one of them will help create a positive credit history.


The benefits rolled out with the Victoria secret credit card include rewards in three tiers- basic, silver and gold. These three tiers show the amount spent by the consumer in a year. Consumers carrying the card will earn a point for every dollar spent by them. As soon as the user gains a particular number of points, they will be moved to the next level then and there.

Different tiersCard typesNumber of pointsBenefits
First tierVictoria cardWhen earning 250 pointsFree shipping for regular purchases,$10 for their birthdays$10 reward for every purchase made in the future thereafter the birthday
Second tierVictoria Silver CardWhen earning 500 points candidate will be updated to the Gold card levelSame benefits as above. Additionally, they can get a $10 half treat on their birthday15% off for their sign-up anniversary
Third TierVictoria gold card $15 on birthdays and in half birthday celebrations.20% discount on anniversaries

Is the Victoria secret credit card worth it?

The Victoria’s Secret credit card is worth having as the card can help acquire benefits for regular Victorian users. However, for those who do not regularly visit Victoria, the card might not serve much use for them.


Here’s a bit about the Victorian secret credit card services. If you are planning to take up one, just get into this site and learn more about it from here.


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