Virgin Atlantic credit card login and Pay Bill Payment Securely

With the Virgin Atlantic credit card, you can collect more points with every flight that you can spend for your next flight. There are three credit cards from Virgin Atlantic that you can use to your benefit.

Our Reward, Rewards + credit card & World Elite MasterCard are the popular credit cards offered. With their handsome rewards and points, you can plan your next trip faster and more conveniently. Even when not flying, use the points to grab your coffee, a new outfit from the nearby shop.

Signing up with them is easy and convenient. Even creating an online account is also super easy for your credit card.

Essential FeaturesVirgin Atlantic credit card
Annual FeeNo annual fee
Late Payment Fee$90
Returned Payment FeeNil
Interest15.99% – 23.99% (variable)
Cash Advance Fee5% (min $10)
Grace Period25 days

How to do Virgin Atlantic credit card login

For Virgin Atlantic credit card login, you just need to move to your online account link.

  1. Press the Login tab beside the Join tab to complete the login process.
credit card login pay
  • If you don’t have an account, create one for yourself by clicking on the Join Flying Club link at the bottom of the screenshot shared above.
Virgin Atlantic credit card online
Virgin Atlantic credit card pay
credit card Virgin Atlantic
CC pay by phone
mail payment CC
Apply online

Once you have filled in all the details required in the above screenshots, you must press the Create Account tab to complete the process.

How to Pay Virgin Atlantic credit card bill payment

With a credit card, you can easily pay your bills in the below ways.

  • Through direct debit pay your bills
  • Use your debit card to complete bill payments
  • Use your bank account to transfer the amount
  • Try to use their payment postal mailing address

Paying the Virgin Atlantic credit card bill will be possible through a few means.

  1. Simply visit the Payment tab from your credit card online account.
  2. Press on the Pay Bill tab, and then add your debit card details.
  3. Include your bill tab.
  4. Add the credit card details to complete the payment process.

Payment mailing address & phone number

To pay your credit card bill, you must send your check with bill details to the following address- VM Credit Card Payments, PO Box 492, Jubilee House, and Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 9FL, United Kingdom. On the top of the envelope type in Virgin Atlantic and mention your credit card number (16-digits) on your bill.

There is no specific mention of a particular telephone number which you can use to pay your bills.

Card Pros & Cons


  1. They provide you with transfer partner facilities when you own their credit card
  2. Potential for having a companion ticket from them.
  3. Reward rates are very high with a credit card.


1. You might have to pay surcharges for your award flights.

2. Redemptions can be a complicated process.

Customer service Number

If you want to call customer service at any point in time, call 0800 328 3579. If you are calling from abroad, refer to this list here & this website link.


The Virgin Atlantic credit cards are some of the most sought-after credit cards given their high reward rate. If you have a card from them, or if you plan to have one, read more about the credit card from this article.


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