How to apply for VTP (Vaccinated Travel Pass) Singapore Application?

What is VTP application Singapore?

The Vaccinated Travel Lane Singapore is for traveling without having to fulfill the quarantine requirements. Travelers who intends to leave Singapore can get these benefits only in a few selected other VTL countries. Not all countries are in the VTL agreement with Singapore and for traveling to such nations, you cannot avail of these benefits.

How to apply for VTP Singapore Application?

Travel using the vaccinated travel pass and apply in the way mentioned below. VTL applications are for people entering Singapore are open from 30th November to 6th December & 4th to 10th December. The VTP applications will open at 06:00 pm on 29th November. VTP is valid for 14 calendar days after you have chosen the entry date.

Here’s what you must do.

  1. Click on the link mentioned in this line and once the application opens up, read it carefully before you start filling it up.
  2. Submit your name and email ID, and then click on the Next option.
  3. A one-time password is generated, enter that on the screen, and then solve the captcha displayed on the screen.
  4. Include your travel details and incorporate your location and intended travel date.
  5. Add all your personal details, add the passport number, and further click on the Submit tab.
  6. Upload your vaccination information and also passport details on the application.
  7. Review the entire application and then click on the Submit tab.

What is Singapore VTP requirements?

To travel to Singapore from the VTP nations, here’s what you need to do.

  1. You must be vaccinated as per the WHO recommended vaccines.
  2. Submit the proof of your vaccination.
  3. You must check and fulfill all the flight requirements and take COVID-19 travel insurance.
  4. You must travel only to nations that are bound by the VTP scheme.

How to check VTP Application Status?

Once you have done an online registration, you must log in to the application portal.

Add your application number or passport number, and then click on the Application status to check your application.

Can you travel to Singapore without vaccinations?

No, you cannot travel to Singapore without any vaccines.

Is Vaccinated Travel Pass Compulsory for Travelling to Singapore?

The vaccinated travel pass is not compulsory, but this prevents getting restricted when entering Singapore during COVID-19.


Here’s a bit about the VTP application for flying to Singapore. Read the details from here, and start the application process if you are ready to file the application.


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