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What is compassionate grant?

The Jamaican Government is going to offer Conditional Cash Transfers for the Vaccinated Grant beginning from July 15, 2021, for people who are above 60 years of age and are completely vaccinated as per government records. Those who can prove that they are fully vaccinated through the Ministry of Health and Wellness are eligible to receive an incentive of $10,000.

This was recently stated by the Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Dr. the Hon. Nigel Clarke to the House of Representatives. The program will be launched digitally via the COVID Allocation of Resources for Employees (CARE) Programme platform. application form for compassionate grant

How to apply for compassionate grant?

Individuals need to log into the site to apply for the incentive. 

Application form requirements / eligibilty?  

Here are the requirements:

  • Applicants have to provide their first and last names.
  • They also have to provide their Tax Registration Number (TRN).
  • They must provide their government-issued identification, date-of birth certificate.
  • Additionally, they have to give their mobile number.
  • Also, their email address would be needed.
  • They also have to disclose their vaccination number type and batch numbers.
  • They should give their preferred banking method (bank account or remittance agency).

How to tracking application form online?

The applicants will be provided with a unique reference number and this can be used to track the progress of the application and to query further.

How to get application form for compassionate grant?

The applicants can apply for the grant at the website and then they will be assigned a unique reference number. This number will be used to track the application. People are not required to subscribe to any plans on the website. Also, applicants would receive all future communications via SMS or email. Applicants can also connect with the customer care team at 1-888-493-2273.

People who have not provided any bank account number or cannot collect the incentive amount physically will have to provide a signed letter, stamped, approved by the Justice of the Peace authorizing a third party to collect the amount on their behalf. The third person must also display valid identity proof.

How to get compassionate grant?

You can apply at for the conditional grant. Your application will be validated and then the grant would be provided.

Application benefits

The application benefits include monetary incentives to fully vaccinated elderly people.


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