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Woolworths credit cards are prevalent in South Africa and Australia. All these credit cards are providing many essential benefits to their customers catering to their needs and requirements from time to time. Upon owning a credit card from them, it might be beneficial if you can also own an online account with them.

Not only do these online accounts help with quick credit card payment facilities but they also help to view bills and statements, resolve queries, facilitate receipt of notifications and messages.

Australian Woolworths credit cards are primarily two in number apart from numerous rewards credit cards and much more- Woolworths Everyday Platinum & Qantas Platinum credit card.

South African credit cards are also two mainly their gold and black credit cards.

Whenever you are willing to take their credit cards, do keep a check on their credit card billing features.

How to do Woolworths credit card login?

Essential FeaturesWoolworths Everyday PlatinumQantas Platinum credit card
Late Payment Fee$20$20
Returned Payment FeeNANA
Interest19.9 % per annum20.49% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee$5 or 3% whichever is more$5 or 3% whichever is more
Grace Period55 days if you have paid your full bill55 days if you have paid your full bill

Step 1- To log in, use the given link above and then add your login ID and password before tapping the login tab.

Woolsworth credit card login
Woolworths login

Step 2- If you want to register yourself and it’s the first time for you on your online account, click on the Register Now tab. It’s easy to register and all you have to do is add your login ID and mobile number before punching the Submit tab.

Step 3- The login ID will be sent to you before you open your new account. The mobile number you enter here should be the one you put in your application form.

If you have not yet applied for Woolworths credit card then here is the quick guide for you.

How to Pay Woolworths credit card?

Woolworths credit card payment for South Africa is possible to do in the following ways.

  1. Choose to set up a debit order for making your credit card bill payments
  2. Try electronic fund transfer from the ABSA bank accounts
  3. Make your payments from other bank accounts
  4. Pay at any Woolies store in person.
  5. You can also pay at any ABSA branch

You can set your debit order by sending an email to [email protected].

For Australia, you can pay up your woolworths credit card in the below way.

  1. You can pay via the radial method and click on the Home option and choose the Pay Bill tab.
  2. Payment is possible through the credit card account online and this is the process you must follow;
  3. Choose the account segment and then press the Pay Bill tab.
  4. Pay the bill by selecting an amount you wish to pay.
  5. Choose the process payment option and then confirm the payment option.
  6. A receipt will come up for you to save for future reference.

How to increase Woolworths credit card limit?

To increase the Woolworths credit limit, you must call 1300 101 234. You must have your credit account for 6 months and must be paying your credit card bills every month to ask for a credit limit hike.

How to cancel Woolworths credit card?

  • To close your Woolworths credit card account, you must call 1300 101 234.
  • You can choose to close your account also by going online.
  • Login to your online credit card account into your Australian Woolworths account.
  • Press on the credit card account, and choose the account details tab from the upper part of the screen.
  • Choose the close account tab from the right side of the screen adjacent to the Account Summary section.
  • Next, follow the prompts to complete the credit card cancellation process.

Card Pros & Cons

Pros of the Australian Woolworths credit cards include;

  1. Uncapped on the number of points you can earn from them.
  2. Interest-free purchase is possible with their credit cards.
  3. You can get 10% off on the Everyday Platinum credit card on any of the dates once a month. Similar discounts are present even with Qantas Platinum credit cards.

These are the following cons;

  1. Purchase APR is high for credit cards.
  2. If your credit limit is below $6000, you cannot get the Qantas Platinum credit card with greater benefits.

Customer Service Number

Woolworths customer service number is 1300 10 1234 can be reached 24/7. Overseas people can call +62 2 8276 0144 anytime seven days a week.

Where to pay Woolworths credit card?

Since Woolworths credit card is a Visa card, you can use it anywhere it is accepted.

How to check Woolworths credit card balance?

Login to your Woolworths app, and move to the Balance tab to check your current Woolworths balance statement.


If you have a credit card from Woolworths then you should surely read this article for more information.


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