How to Apply for Yamaha Credit Card Application & Pay Bill Online?


Yamaha Motorsports issues credit cards in association with WebBank. The Yamaha credit card can be used to buy and fund their powersports products. The Yamaha credit card was introduced by Yamaha in 2016. The card was first introduced to help dealers expand their business to new and first-time purchasers. The credit card program came up with a first-time loan offering and people were allowed to take loans for purchasing motorbikes, golf carts, personal watercrafts, ATVs, side by side vehicles and even sports motorboats.

Numerous rewards and discounts are brought together for the buyers who take up the credit card and it’s benefit list is quite an attractive one.

How to apply for Yamaha Credit Card Application?

To apply for a Yamaha credit card, you need to complete an application form.

If you want to fill an application form online, here is what you must do.

  1. First, click on the given link.
  2. Press the Apply tab present below the credit card.
  3. From the credit card benefit segment, complete the application form.
  4. After filling the complete online application form, accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Once review the fields and then click on the Submit tab.

You can also pre-qualify for the credit card, by completing the application form. If you pre-qualify, you will receive an email for the same to which you can reply and apply accordingly.

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Applications require fulfillment of following points;

  1. At least a credit score of 700 is a must for having the credit card.
  2. You need to have your income details with you (gross monthly income).
  3. Declare your current residential status officially with the application form.
  4. The credit card is available only to the US citizens. Improve credit scores with the credit card.
  5. You need an SSN from every citizen who applies for the credit card.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible one needs to meet the following criteria;

  1. One needs to provide a valid email address.
  2. You must give your complete contact details.
  3. Monthly rent or mortgage payments need to be specified.
  4. You need to even mention how many years you are in your current residential address.

What is the Annual Fees, interest Rate & Limit?

The credit card comes with no annual fees, minimum interest rate is $1-$2. Standard interest rate of 19.90% is applicable. The annual percentage rate (APR) is somewhere around 15.99 to 23.99 percent. There is no preset credit limit and an individual’s creditworthiness determines the value he would get. However, one can get a minimum $1000 and a maximum $5000.


The credit card offers several benefits that include the following points.

  1. You get to enjoy free shipping unless you complete your grace period.
  2. Most of the products you buy from them will entitle you to a 3-year warranty period given you have taken the credit card from them.
  3. Application process is extremely easy and quick.
  4. Monthly payment options are not at all rigid but are extremely flexible.
  5. Payment rates per month is quite low.

Pros & Cons


  1. The credit card is good for those who have regular transactions with the Yamaha services.
  2. A no hassle credit card, it offers a zero annual fee for those who want to have the credit card.
  3. The credit card is efficient enough to allow you to build your credit scores.


  1. The credit card has a high APR and is suitable for those who regularly shop with Yamaha and return payments on times.
  2. You cannot use it anywhere else, hence does not have any significant value as such for those who are shopping from different places altogether.

What can I use my Yamaha credit card?

It is an in-store credit card and can be used only in specific Yamaha stores.

Does Yamaha accept credit card?

Yes, for making payments Yamaha accepts credit cards.


Here is what the credit card from Yamaha be for you. If you want to purchase a credit card from Yamaha, read quickly about the requirements and application process and also catch on other essential information from the article.


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