Zopa credit card login and Pay bill Payment [Online or Offline]

Zopa is declared one of the best credit card providers for business. With them, like other apps, you can manage everything online including your account. You can instantaneously check your eligibility with them and that won’t impact your credit scores at all.

Their credit card offers easy payments with no foreign transaction fees making the card worthy for many in the market. This credit card in the market is for those who have a poor credit score in the market. Even those who went through past county court judgments can apply for this credit card.

Zopa brings you a credit-building credit card, and if you want to manage your account online, you can create one for yourself. Each time log into your account to manage their essential services like bill payment and review. Apart from these, you can handle a few non-essential services also with this credit card.

A few essential features one must know to apply are given in the table.

Notable Credit Card FeaturesZopa Credit Card
Annual Fees£0
Credit Limit£200 to £1,500
Purchase APR34.9%
Balance Transfer APRN/A
Minimum required credit scoresPoor to no credit scores (APR can be as low as 9.9% and as high as 34.9%
Security DepositNA
Essential FeaturesZopa credit cards
Late Payment Fee£12
Returned Payment FeeNA
Interest & Purchase APR29.9% (variable)
Cardholder FeeNA
Cash Withdrawal Fee£3
Grace Period56 days
Balance Transfer APR2.95%
Foreign transaction fee0%
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How to do Zopa Credit card login?

To do the Zopa credit card login, you must use the link to go to the login page.

Zopa credit card account

The Zopa credit card can make life easier, and having an online account can help more than anything.

Once you have clicked on the My Account tab, you will need to enter your username and password in the given spaces.

Click on the sign-in link to complete the process.

account login Zopa

How to pay Zopa credit card bill Payment?

To pay the Zopa credit card bills, you must go online and login to your account. Once you are in your account, you can follow the below-given steps to complete the online payments.

  1. Visit the online payment tab and then go to the Pay Bill option.
  2. Include your bill amount on the page.
  3. Add your debit card details to complete the payment process.
  4. Once done, press the Pay Bill tab to pass the payment through the payment gateway.

Payment Mailing Address & Phone Number

If you want to clear your payments over the phone, try 0207 580 6060.

For paying your credit card bills via mail, you can send your payments to the address mentioned at the back of your credit card.

How to cancel Zopa credit card?

To cancel the Zopa account you need to be clear of all loans. Send your complete name, birth date, email address, and also your address and postal code to them. You can call their customer support number to make this move.

Card Benefits

There are several benefits that credit cardholders can get from the Zopa credit card.

  1. Instant spending notifications are a benefit customers can avail of, with their credit card.
  2. Freezing the credit card is just a tap away. It means you can instantly block the credit card anytime.
  3. The credit card does not have a foreign transaction fee on it for up to 56 days.
  4. There is no annual fee on the use of the Zopa credit card.

Customer Service Number

The customer service number is 020 7580 6060, and you can call it for all your credit card associated needs.

You can also start a chat with them to get instant solutions for your problems. If you want to chat with them, click the link.


If you want to grow your credit, take up this credit card and pay its bills regularly for six months. To handle the bill payments and the login process, you must carefully go through these articles once to understand the credit card better.

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